Adventure League

The Adventure League is a non-competitive outdoor activity league for all ages and abilities. Participants can have fun and enjoy the outdoors at their own pace and can join in however many events they please.  Attendees are also eligible to receive awards at the end of the season based on the number of events attended. 

Adventure LEague 2017 Highlights

Six Rivers Land Conservancy’s Adventure League wrapped up its 2017 season with a whole lot of miles under our belts and some great memories of exploring new ground in the Six Rivers service area. The Clinton River held the spotlight for paddles on upper and lower stretches, giving kayakers a chance to travel through urban and suburban areas of the Clinton River watershed. Hikers were treated to an exceptional hike through Indian Springs Recreation Area that featured a well-versed naturalist giving us the rundown on some amazing spring wildflowers. If you ever want to see trillium by the thousands in early May, head over to Indian Springs and ask Jill to take you for a walk. We took a ride up the Clinton River Trail to visit the new Lake Norcentra Park and community mural, open to the public, on the grounds of Rochester College.

With the high season behind us, keep an eye out for short-notice events with the Adventure League by email or on the Six Rivers Facebook page.

Indian Springs rainbow 050417.jpg