Volunteers Make a Difference. 

Please browse our volunteer job descriptions below and then give us a call at (248) 601-2816 or send an email to info@sixriversrlc.org indicating your interests. You should also feel free to suggest other areas where your particular skills could help further our mission. You’ll have a great time! 

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Volunteer Opportunities

Stewardship Volunteer

Interested in the great outdoor world around us? Consider becoming a stewardship volunteer! Periodically we need to hold work days on our preserves to help control invasive species as well as to conduct trail maintenance and other stewardship practices. Additionally, some of our easement holders appreciate assistance with invasive species control and/or guidance.


We are seeking one or two individuals or family members in each community to maintain stocks of brochures in local shops, restaurants, recreational facilities, and government offices. We would also like to ask local businesses to keep donation boxes near the cash register that will be managed by this volunteer. A bonus to the Conservancy will be information about local events in which the Conservancy could participate. This is a very important task that will help build support for the Conservancy at the local level – it's also a fun way to get to know more people around your neighborhood.


We are looking for folks to assist with Adventure League and other special events.  Typically, the assistance involves helping to set up sites for attendees, manning an information table, serving refreshments, and facilitating sign-in. Other types of assistance may be needed such as naturalist or interpreter, depending on the event.