The Lake St. Clair (LSC) Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) was established in 2015. Today the partnership consists of over 24 partners of local governments, county government, non-profit organizations, and universities. The LSC CISMA operates within Macomb and St. Clair Counties. We are focused on managing the spread of five priority invasive species including: invasive Phragmites, black swallow-wort, Japanese knotweed, European frogbit, and flowering rush. The LSC CISMA also acts as a clearinghouse for all invasive species information, including identification, best management practices, and information on how to reduce to spread of invasive species.

Invasive species are organisms that are not native, and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan’s economy, environment, wildlife, and/ or human health. Economic impacts of invasive species include reduced property values, degradation of infrastructure, public safety hazards and loss of land use. Environmental impacts of invasive species include loss of biodiversity, loss of habitat, and alter nutrient cycles.

Six Rivers Land Conservancy became the fiduciary for the Oakland County and Lake St. Clair CISMAs in 2018. Six Rivers sees managing invasive species as a key component of stewardship, which is a core part of their mission.


invasive New zealand mud snails event

Thursday April 4th, 5-6:30 p.m., Lake St. Clair Metropark Nature Center (31300 Metro Pkwy, Harrison Charter Township, MI 48045).

Join us for a free public event to learn about an approaching invasive species to Michigan. The event features guest speakers from the Oakland University Aquatic Ecology Lab. Guest speakers include Emily Bovee and Kennedy Phillips. No registration is required, we look forward to seeing you there!

See the event flyer for details or our Facebook event page.

Midwest invasive species information network workshop

Saturday June 15th, 1-4:00 p.m., Lake St. Clair Metropark Nature Center (31300 Metro Pkwy, Harrison Charter Township, MI 48045).

Want to become an early detection responder? Join us for a free public workshop where you will learn how to identify, map, and report invasive species. The event features a guest speaker from the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN), Claire Peterson. No registration is required.

See the event flyer for details or our Facebook event page.

Mobile boat wash event

Join us at Brandenburg Park in Chesterfield on Saturday, June 22nd for a free boat wash event. Michigan State University Extension’s team will be on site with their mobile boat power washer to help remove any pesky invasive species from your watercraft and trailer. Invasive species are often transported through accidental human actions. Help us stop the spread of invasive species and come get your boats washed for free! No registration is required.

Invasive red swamp crayfish event

Tuesday July 23rd, 6:30-7:45 p.m., Lake St. Clair Metropark Nature Center (31300 Metro Pkwy, Harrison Charter Township, MI 48045).

Ouch! Don’t let this invasive crayfish pinch it’s way into our waters. Learn more about the invading red swamp crayfish from the leading field expert, Kelley Smith at our FREE event.

See the event flyer for details or our Facebook event page.

Join the cisma today

Interested in becoming a partner of the CISMA? Partners must be governmental units (townships, cities, villages, county), non-for-profit organizations, or universities.

Interested in becoming involved with CISMA volunteer work? Contact your local CISMA Coordinator for more details.

Having issues with invasive plants in your backyard? Learn how to do small-scale control of invasive Phragmites, black swallow-wort and Japanese knotweed. Contact the CISMA to learn more about other invasive species and how to control them.

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Michigan Invasive Species

Field Identification Guide to Invasive Plants in Michigan’s Natural Communities

Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) Training Modules

Map & Report Invasive Species using the MISIN cell-phone application or online

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