Caring for Our Lands

The Stewardship Program is the fulfillment of the promise we make to care for, manage, and monitor preserves, conservation easements, and other properties for which we are responsible. A new property is accepted only after careful evaluation of its fit with our conservation priorities and our capacity.

Stewardship program

Volunteers are essential to our ability to manage ecosystems on our protected lands. Our Stewardship Program strives to help individuals and families become better stewards of both private and public natural areas.

Typical activities include:

  • Site assessment
  • Development and implementation of management plans
  • Seed collection and planting
  • Easement monitoring
  • Addressing access improvements (i.e. trail maintenance)
  • Controlling invasive species (i.e. autumn olive, garlic mustard, Phragmites)by using manual, herbicidal and mechanical means

As stewardship volunteer dates are set (or StewDays, as we call them) we'll post dates, times, and locations on this page. We couldn’t tackle our stewardship plans without our amazing Stewardship Committee: Susanne Greenlee, Jim Lloyd, Ben VanderWeide, Gerry Santoro, and Paul Muelle. We thank them so much for their committed involvement.

We hope to see you and your family or friends at one of our StewDays this year! Our schedule won’t work for yours? Please feel free to make a donation to our stewardship program.  Whatever the form of your input, it means so much to our program and natural areas!

Remember if your work or social group wishes to have a day of team building while assisting the natural world, we can tailor a day for you.  Call Danielle Devlin at (248) 601-2816 or email her at with questions or to let us know you’ll attend an event.


Thank you to our 2018 Stewardship Sponsor