Oakland County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area

The Oakland County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) was established in December 2014 by 19 partners. Today the partnership consists of over 30 members of local governments, county government, non-profit organizations, and universities. We are focused on managing the spread of eight state-priority invasive species including: invasive Phragmites, black and pale swallow-worts, Japanese knotweed, European frogbit, flowering rush, red swamp crayfish and New Zealand mud snails. Members also have extensive experience managing other common invasive plants such as buckthorn, garlic mustard, oriental bittersweet and purple loosestrife.

Invasive species are organisms that are not native, and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan’s economy, environment, wildlife, and human health. In Oakland County, invasive species reduce property values, damage infrastructure, create public safety hazards and degrade natural areas.

Six Rivers Land Conservancy became the fiduciary for the Oakland County and Lake St. Clair CISMAs in 2018. Six Rivers sees managing invasive species as a key component of stewardship, which is a core part of their mission.

Upcoming Events

Spring Invasive Species Summit

Saturday March 23, 1-4 p.m, Waterford Oaks Activity Center (2800 Watkins Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328)

Join us for a free public open house to learn about invasive species in Oakland County! The Summit features guest speakers, hands-on workshops, vendor tables and kids activities. Guest speakers include Kelley Smith on invasive red swamp crayfish, Tom Alwin on a new aquatic invader--European frogbit and Erica Clites on the Oakland County Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area. Phillip Kurzeja will give the keynote address on preventing the spread of oak wilt, which is killing red oak trees in Oakland County. Workshops include invasive species identification, how to report invasive species in your area, gardening with native plants and a kids game modeling the spread of invasive species. No registration is required, we look forward to seeing you there!

See flyer for event details, press release, or our Facebook event page.


In 2017, our Strategic Invasive Species Management Plan for Oakland County was finalized. Read the Executive Summary here.

Interested in joining the CISMA? Members must be governmental units (townships, cities, villages, county), non-profit organizations or universities. Read our brochure.

Having issues with invasives in your backyard? Learn to do small-scale control of invasive Phragmites, swallow-wort and Japanese knotweed. Contact the CISMA to learn more about other invasives and how to control them.

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Six Rivers Land Conservancy receives two grants to fund invasive species control (Rochester Media, January 2019)

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Field Identification Guide to Invasive Plants in Michigan’s Natural Communities

Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) training modules

Report invasive species online or through the MISIN app

Waste Management guide to invasive disposal

Phragmites removal increases property values (Isely et al. 2017)


Contact Oakland County CISMA Coordinator Erica Clites by phone (248-660-0716) or email (eclites@sixriversrlc.org).


The Oakland County CISMA is funded by the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program (https://www.michigan.gov/invasives).